Kind Twist Of Fate

According to my research, streaming algorithms crave 45-second guitar solos. Who am I to argue? 

The gravest mistakes and the cruellest heartbreaks are often a kind twist of fate in disguise. Keep your chin up and your eyes forward. Listen/download

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Hooray for dystopian art-rock!

My latest single, ‘Robots on Mute’, was released today. I'm super proud of it, and I hope you can hear the progress I'm making not only in my songwriting, but also my production/mixing/mastering and what have you. I have my…

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The Only Lantern In The Dark - New single

Really excited to let my new track out into the wild today. This song is for all the lone voices that get shouted down by the crowd. The people who stick their head above the parapet. 'The Only Lantern In…

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BETA LIFE'「ベータ・ライフ」is available on all streaming platforms NOW! 

My third single is a sonic nod to the Permanent Wave indie rock genre, soaked in 90's-evoking guitars, and explores the idea that what we experience as life may be a mere…

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'Heroes Let You Down' is OUT NOW

My sophomore single 'Heroes Let You Down' is out now on all major streaming platforms. You can access them via the music page on this site.

Also, thank you so much to everyone who downloaded, streamed, pre-saved, and listened to…

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Live at La Luna Verde

Thanks to everyone at La Luna Verde in Karatsu for last week. Awesome people, great music and phenomenal pizza. Here's me whipping up some sympathy for my sprained wrist (Bicycle accident. Don't ask).

Video shoot for 'Heroes Let You Down'

It was a beautiful day in Tenjin, Fukuoka City (Japan). We should've taken a pedometer, cos it's highly likely that Joao and I broke some kind of walking record. Here are a few stills.

Second single almost ready!

I've been working hard on my second single and am excited with how it's coming together. Everything's recorded and now just putting the finishing touches to mixing and mastering. The song will be, "Heroes Let You Down", which…

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