(Beta Life is) a song of weight and quality for our musical list. Besides, of course, the unique and intense vocal of “Bryan Cooper”. It is worth checking out.” - Catiúce Brizola

Roadie Music

All in all, I think with Cooper’s genius songwriting, and kicking electric guitar and creative videos, this (Heroes Let You Down) will definitely put a spotlight on his new solo career. This is just the product of 1 year as a solo artist, imagine what he will do for the upcoming years! ” - Nadine El Khatib

Rock Era Magazine

Quick guitar riffs and retro chords make Cooper’s talent clear, and the intense style mirrors the feeling of getting hit with reality.” - Emily Cushing

Rising Artists

The opening verse alone, pulling on those sort of classic riffs, gritty but dripping with melody makes it easy to be charmed on this one (Beta Life).” - Nathan Lankford

Austin Town Hall

Cooper highlights his uncanny ability to pen and composing timeless tracks that dabble in sardonicism and take jabs at modern life.” - Lana Williams

Music Is To Blame

Cooper's music has that magical touch that makes music something extraordinary, familiar and universal” - Juan Pablo Garza

Whitebox Music